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Challenge Accepted: PVM’s Philosophy for Solving Our Clients’ Toughest Problems

Challenge Accepted: PVM’s Philosophy for Solving Our Clients’ Toughest Problems

PVM has solved some of the world's toughest data challenges — from mapping COVID-19 clusters to integrating data from 40+ law enforcement agencies. How do we do it? PVM is driven by our Challenge Accepted mindset, meaning we take on our customers’ missions as our own and we never shy away from even the most complex problem.

Why PVM Is Dedicated to Solving Our Customers’ Problems

PVM was built out of frustration with the status quo by a former Naval officer who wanted to help his shipmates solve the problems they were facing every day. Today, we continue to be driven by our customers' missions — from mitigating public health risks to creating safer communities — and we have a passion for helping them overcome obstacles. Our goal is to help our customers unlock the power of their data to help them achieve their goals and improve the lives of their constituents. Read more about our company story here.

PVM’s Problem Solvers

At PVM, we are total geeks. Our team of highly-skilled and experienced engineers nerd out about solving our customers’ problems. We are big data experts with a 10+ year history of success in the public and private sectors. Our diversity sets us apart — as a small, black-owned, women-run business, we come from all different backgrounds, helping provide many perspectives to keep our clients’ missions moving forward. Meet PVM’s team here.

Types of Challenges We Take On

We work on technical problems that have a direct impact on people’s lives, whether that’s creating positive change for local communities or helping ensure national security. We are never intimidated by the magnitude of any issue. Our clients span multiple industries, including public health, law enforcement, financial services and more. Specifically, we excel at providing expert digital services including but not limited to big data, data analytics, data pipelines and migration.

For example, PVM completed a cloud optimization review for a major financial services company and engineered a new approach that increased performance capacity and reduced time to generate analytic results by 98% (from more than week to four hours). Another example of our work: In 2020, PVM urgently integrated mapping to support a major public health agency’s COVID-19 CDC response. See more examples of our work here.

Why Where We Work Matters

While we solve global challenges, we are also highly engaged with our local community. We are backed by the city of St. Petersburg, Florida's Innovation District and are a member of the Maritime and Defense Technology Hub. What does that mean for our clients? We are surrounded by a community of our peers who share resources and ideas, keeping us connected to the newest technologies and innovations in our field. Outside of St. Petersburg, we have two other centers of excellence: one in San Diego and one in Huntsville, helping support our customers onsite and in person. Learn about our community here.

Challenge Accepted

PVM’s challenge accepted philosophy drives our teams to help our customers accomplish their missions. Reach out to PVM to find out how we can help you solve your most complex challenges.