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PVM Partners with City of St. Petersburg to Improve Public Information Sharing

PVM Partners with City of St. Petersburg to Improve Public Information Sharing

PVM, a digital services company that unlocks the power of data for good, is pleased to announce a new partnership with the City of St. Petersburg to improve its data collection and sharing processes.

Specifically, PVM is developing a plan to improve the city’s open data program – the StPeteStat portal — which is designed for performance, transparency and accountability. The public database provides crucial information for both city employees and its citizens, including:

  • Interactive maps that show citizen requests, code violations, and police, fire and rescue service calls
  • Public works service information, like pavement and traffic operations, a stormwater dashboard, and more
  • Public safety information from the St. Petersburg Police Department
  • Neighborhood affairs, including updates from the sanitation department and codes compliance assistance department
  • City development information
  • Parks and recreation updates and performance
  • Administrative data, including procurement, billing, and collections

“This StPeteStat program is absolutely critical to meet the mayor’s goal of a diverse vibrant city. We are working to unlock the power of the city’s data to help make better decisions for constituents, and to provide more transparency into the issues that matter.” said PVM CEO Pat Mack. “It is an honor to work with my hometown on this project, and I am humbled to have this opportunity to give back to our community through data.”

As a partner to the city, PVM is focusing on first assessing the current state of the StPeteStat page, including the reviewing content, inventorying data, and reviewing site metrics. Then, PVM will present detailed recommendations to improve the platform. As a result, the city will have a clear plan of action to create a user-friendly platform for improved transparency, decision making, and collaboration.

PVM’s Connection to St. Petersburg

PVM founder Pat Mack was born and raised in St. Petersburg. A few years after he started PVM once he retired from the Navy, he moved the business back to his hometown. Today, PVM is a proud member of the St. Petersburg Maritime Defense and Technology Hub, and focuses on partnering with organizations throughout the city to make an impact in PVM’s community.

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