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PVM Partnering with Foundation for A Healthy St. Petersburg As Technical Advisor To Advance Equity

PVM Partnering with Foundation for A Healthy St. Petersburg As Technical Advisor To Advance Equity

PVM is partnering with the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg (FHSP) as a technical advisor to help the organization achieve its mission of health equity in Pinellas County. Through this partnership, PVM and FHSP will work together to facilitate community events and, more broadly, use community data to improve the city’s health outcomes.

PVM has strong ties to St. Petersburg – CEO Pat Mack is a St. Pete native and current resident, and PVM is an active tenant in the St. Petersburg Maritime and Defense Hub and a member of the Innovation District.

pvm is helping the foundation for a healthy st petersburg advance its vision of equity

“The foundation does absolutely crucial work to advance equity in Pinellas County. I am very excited about this opportunity to partner with them to support the community that fueled my growth,” said Mack. “As technical advisors, PVM will be able to apply the experience we have gained over the past 12 years with our federal and state government clients to help advance anti-racist policies and improve public health in my hometown.”

PVM and FHSP: Partnering to Advance Health Equity

FHSP believes that race equity will lead to health equity and exists to end differences in health that stem from institutional racism. The organization is committed to advancing anti-racist practices and policies to improve the lives of Pinellas County residents. Specifically, they focus on making strategic investments in key areas to create meaningful social change, including influencing policy , taking positions of advocacy, accelerating race equity via networks and services and linking community health to wealth.

PVM and FHSP are partnering to use technology to continue to advance this mission. For example, PVM and FHSP are working together to implement systems that allow the foundation to facilitate virtual and in-person events that engage the community. Through this partnership, PVM will also help FHSP leverage the power of demographic and other community data to allow for better public health decision making.

PVM’s Commitment to Advancing Public Health in St. Petersburg

PVM has extensive experience unlocking public health data for the good of the communities we serve, for example, through our work with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. PVM is honored to bring that experience to St. Petersburg, and committed to using its technical skills to give back to its local community. Like FHSP, PVM believes race equity leads to health equity, and strives to help the community achieve both missions.