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Innovation in Action at the St. Petersburg Maritime and Defense Hub

Innovation in Action at the St. Petersburg Maritime and Defense Hub

On Thursday, February 24, 2022, representatives from PVM, Pole Star, and Amazon Web Services convened at the St. Petersburg Maritime and Defense Hub to discuss cloud services architecture and future opportunities together. This is one example of the type of intentional collaboration the St. Petersburg Maritime and Defense Hub had hoped to foster among their tenants. 

Members of all three companies' leadership teams, technical teams, and ops teams had a fruitful and engaging discussion at the Hub. Amazon's strategic partner executive for the federal space, Stephanie Cummings-Carr, was also on-site, along with other members of her team, to further illuminate the cloud computing opportunities and solutions that exist for government agencies. 

Pole Star Global, the leader in maritime intelligence, has expressed interest in cloud computing for their clients as they use big data to help their clients make better decisions to protect their vessels, people, reputation, and investments. They are constantly streaming information through their systems every day to provide intel for their suite of public and private clients. Cloud computing, which is both more secure and more cost-effective, could be the best option to help them stay on the cutting edge of data intelligence. 

While it isn't always heralded as the flashiest technology, cloud computing and migration for big data sets is a solution PVM has wholeheartedly embraced. For anyone looking to modernize their technical stack, specifically for enterprise data systems, the cloud is the way forward. Moving data into a cloud system creates huge opportunities for businesses: new options for rapid innovation, data monetization, increased operational efficiency, and scale. Additionally, the elastic computer services offered with Amazon or an Amazon EC2 instance, provide organizations with on-demand delivery of  IT resources and data with pay-as-you-go pricing. Currently, everyone in our company—from engineers to HR—is working on their certifications for the Amazon suite of cloud services.

PVM is proud to be working with such partners as Pole Star and Amazon Web Services to brainstorm innovative cloud solutions for our clients. We look forward to hosting many more meetings like this in the future! 

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