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Meet PVM’s Law Enforcement Team Leader

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PVM has years of experience helping law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and Canada solve data challenges and support their Palantir systems. We sat down with Client Success Manager Susan Anzman to learn more about her role and PVM’s law enforcement portfolio.

What led you to your current role with PVM?

For the last 8+ years I supported the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) which supports warfighters—Army, Navy, etc. We helped them achieve their mission by keeping their IT systems up and running. When my contract ended, I found this opportunity with PVM, and it was a chance for me to work for a company that had the same ideas and values that I had. I researched PVM and the founder and CEO Pat Mack, and there were a couple of things that stuck with me. First, he's a retired military officer, so I respect the fact that he served our country, but also that his military experience meant he understood the challenges PVM’s customers are facing. Second, he was very forthcoming about explaining what PVM can do, but also be honest about the things we can’t do. I think that for someone to make that statement is incredible and shows he has insight and understands. So, I was immediately drawn to PVM and the team. Honesty and integrity. That was the first thing I thought of after reading about Pat and the company.

What is your team working on right now and how does that work impact the communities your team serves?

My team works with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), a leading research institution focused on energy and national security. Specifically, PVM is continuing to provide technical support for the laboratory’s Strategic Materials Analysis & Reporting Topography (SMART) system, which is built on Palantir’s Gotham platform, and solving big data challenges with ORNL.

We also work with law enforcement clients all over the country and one in Canada. Those clients share information locally and between agencies so that they can better serve and protect their communities. Today, there is still a lack of ability to share information. My team works to keep their systems up to date so that critical information can be made available and accessible.

For example, when a person is put into their system, an interactive map is created using the data associated with that person, giving law enforcement teams a clear visual to work with. And sharing that information across the agencies is the goal. If something happens in, for instance, Utah, maybe someone else in law enforcement in the Northeast can access that information and potentially expedite solving that crime. It essentially shares information so they can do their jobs more efficiently.

PVM’s vision is “Unlocking Data for Good”. How does that translate into your everyday work?

Unlocking data, in our law enforcement clients’ case, is all about sharing data. It is amazing to see how the Palantir Gotham platform ingests data and creates a graphical user interface (GUI). The user can simply click on a location or vehicle, for example, on the map and see information associated with it. That information is key, it’s critical. Solving cases in the 70’s, for example, took a long time. Everything was paper. Now we don’t have to rely on pieces of paper. Technology can bring all that information and make it usable data for everyone.

What are your goals in 2023 with PVM and your team?

My goals with PVM are to meet and exceed expectations of our clients by working to answer a couple of questions: What can we do with the data we are unlocking to assist our clients better? How do we make the systems better and the data better for them to be able to use it in their day-to-day work lives?

What’s your favorite part of your job?

The people. I believe that PVM hires people who have the same work values, life values and the same goals. It’s one team providing service to all our clients and exceeding expectations. Being the best we can be. Building rapport with our customers and getting know them so we can better serve them. And having fun with it at the same time!

I’ve been in IT for over 20 years. I’ve been an IT manager, systems administrator, and customer. So, it’s important for me and my team to interact with our customers so we build those relationships and trust. I am someone the client can come to, speak openly with, and set a goal to accomplish what they need. Our team is dedicated to helping with anything and everything we can so our clients can do what they do and do it better. I love my clients and providing service to them is a privilege to me and my team. Our team goes above and beyond.

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