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PVM CEO Pat Mack Elected GSOF Small Business Committee Chairperson

PVM CEO Pat Mack Elected GSOF Small Business Committee Chairperson

PVM is proud to announce that CEO Pat Mack has been voted to serve as the Chairperson for the Global SOF Foundation (GSOF) Small Business Committee for 2024. This new role enables and demonstrates PVM's leadership in the small business community, our commitment to promoting collaboration and innovation within our industry, and our overall dedication to advancing the special operations forces (SOF) mission.

In this role, Pat will serve as both committee chairman and as the Small Business Representative on the GSOF Governing Committee. His goals in this position include enabling and encouraging active collaboration among small businesses and fostering partnerships between companies to enable them to work together to deliver impact for SOF. Additionally, PVM will provide access to the St. Petersburg Maritime and Defense Hub for GSOF small business members to facilitate this teamwork and collaboration.

Pat has three main objectives for the Small Business Committee this year:

  • Increase partnerships between GSOF small businesses to deliver impact for SOCOM via new contracts and opportunities.
  • Boost the number of eligible GSOF small businesses that participate in SBA programs (SDVOSB certification, 8(a) program, etc.).
  • Improve active engagement across the committee and attract new small businesses to deliver even more value to SOCOM.

"I am deeply honored by this opportunity to serve as the Chairperson for the GSOF Small Business Committee and to lead this active community of interest. Like I always say, we are all better together, and it is my plan in this role to enable and encourage small businesses to participate in active collaboration," said PVM CEO Pat Mack. "Our location at the St. Pete Hub affords us the perfect venue to assemble a 'collation of the willing': those GSOF small businesses that are looking to work together to deliver impact."

GSOF is a non-profit and professional SOF association that aims to build and grow an international network of military, commercial, and educational stakeholders to advance SOF capabilities and confront global and networked threats. PVM is an active member of GSOF and is proud to support their mission and contribute to the special operations community through our innovative technology solutions.

About PVM

PVM delivers digital services that help public sector teams unlock the power of their data for good and maximize the value of their investments in Palantir systems. PVM is a certified 8(a) and black- and service-disabled veteran-owned small business that was founded by a retired Naval officer out of frustration to solve the hard, data-driven problems Sailors were facing every day. Today, PVM continues to be driven by that same goal, and is focused on taking on its clients’ missions as their own to make a difference in the communities we serve.