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PVM and Florida SBDC Partnership Highlighted in Success Story

PVM and Florida SBDC Partnership Highlighted in Success Story

Since PVM’s founding, we have built a partnership with the Florida Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), an organization that provides no-cost government contracting services to businesses in Florida. In PVM’s 12 year history, PTAC has played an important role in helping us achieve our mission of unlocking data for good.

Recently, Florida PTAC highlighted PVM, a digital services company and 8(a) small business, as one of their success stories. Read our story, “IT Company Finds in St. Petersburg Technological Hub,” here.

In both the blog and article, PTAC highlights PVM’s founding story, explaining how Pat created PVM after his time in the Navy, and explaining when and why Pat moved PVM back to his hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida and joined the Maritime Defense and Technology Hub.


Over the years, PVM’s partnership with PTAC and our relationship with our procurement specialist Yolanda Goodloe has been transformative for PVM.

“Our business has increased 30 percent in the last twelve months. I’m a member of probably one of the most innovative tech spaces within the region, in the St. Petersburg Maritime Technology and Defense Hub. All of that was enabled by my relationship with PTAC,” Pat said in the article.

“I’ve been able to participate in opportunities in our business area that we would have not been able to engage in – work that we do with the Foundation for Health of St. Petersburg, Pinellas County Schools, the mayor’s office,” he said. “All of that local impact came out of that relationship.”

For PVM, our partnership with PTAC and Pinellas County Economic Development is not just a one-time collaboration; it is an ongoing journey of growth and learning. In the article, Pat also affirms our commitment to continued engagement with PTAC, leveraging their resources and programs to support our company's progress and also contribute to the development of other businesses in the region.

Read the article and watch the video interview now!