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Meet PVM’s Intelligence Team Leader

Meet PVM’s Intelligence Team Leader

PVM Account Manager Lexi Robinson, recently joined PVM as the leader of our intelligence team. We sat down with Lexi to learn more about her background, and her role helping PVM’s intelligence clients achieve their missions.

Tell me about your background.

In terms of my education, I hold dual degrees in psychology and English, which is funny considering that neither field played a significant role in my professional journey. I started my career as a web content analyst at the American Psychological Association, so my career did start off technical in nature. Then I got a great opportunity from the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA), a government contracting agency primarily supporting the Department of Defense (DoD). This role shifted my focus towards operations work and subsequently led me into program management and operations. Over the years, I've tackled a diverse range of projects, from creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) to compliance and regulations. I even briefly served as the director of operations for a small medical provider. So, while my professional journey might seem eclectic, it's been consistently rooted in the operations domain since around 2019.

What drew you to this position with PVM while you were on your job search?

Primarily, I was drawn to PVM's mission and where the company is heading. I learned more about the company as I talked to other employees and what I discovered through my research strongly resonated with my reasons for wanting to join IDA. It also appeared that PVM offers room for growth, and I was ready to try something different. Upon reading Pat's goals for PVM and where the company is going, I felt like it was kismet that I found the position!

Tell me about your responsibilities in your role.

During my first month of employment, along with learning the responsibilities of my role as an account manager, a significant portion of my time has been focused on ensuring that our team is well-informed about a transition our client is undergoing. Together with my colleagues, David Payne (Senior Engineer) and with valuable guidance from Doug Templeton (Director of Account Managers) and Sydney Metzmaker (COO), we've been actively establishing a strong working relationship with those involved in that transition. Our aim is to facilitate a seamless transition while maintaining the quality of services provided to the client so they can keep working toward their mission-critical objectives.

My duties and responsibilities can be summarized as being an advocate and resource for my team, but also our clients. I believe my role is to not only help support both, but to ensure that both are aligned and functioning in sync to meet the common goal – fulfilling both PVM and our client’s missions.

How does you team work together to solve problems for your client(s) to support their mission?

Our team holds regular meetings to make sure we stay in sync. Our meetings have two primary purposes: firstly, to identify and acknowledge any issues, and secondly, to collaboratively find effective solutions. Presently, with our client undergoing some transitions, our engagement with them regarding these issues must be highly strategic.

Regarding problem solving, my team highly values transparency and accountability as well as consistent and honest communication. We strive to continuously improve upon how we, as a team, work together but also keep each other well informed on the day-to-day challenges and changes we face. When it comes to our client, we continuously reflect upon how we can continue to provide exceptional service, regardless of roadblocks, and continue to be adaptable as unpredicted variables occur. But ultimately, we cannot effectively accomplish servicing our client unless we maintain meaningful and trusting relationships with key stakeholders.

What has your experience with PVM's work culture been so far?

I find PVM to be a breath of fresh air in comparison to other companies I've worked for or heard about from friends in this industry. I appreciate how friendly and supportive everyone is, regardless of whether they're working on similar projects or within the same department. Furthermore, I've noticed a positive trend in terms of resource expansion to support our roles as they evolve.

There's also a refreshing acknowledgment that we're all human and bound to make some errors, especially when learning new things. In my previous experiences, there seemed to be an unspoken expectation that you should already have all the answers. During my onboarding at PVM, I've felt a notable difference, as the company recognizes that I am new, and while I do have the skills they require for the role, the way I provide those assets is going to be different than at my previous organization. In terms of culture, PVM truly stands out with its supportive, honest, and friendly environment, coupled with a realistic understanding of everyone as individuals.


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