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PVM Celebrates 1 Year in St. Pete Maritime and Defense Tech Hub

PVM Celebrates 1 Year in St. Pete Maritime and Defense Tech Hub

The St. Petersburg Maritime and Defense Technology Hub celebrated its first anniversary on Tuesday, February 28, with tenants, including PVM, coming together to celebrate the achievements made in the first year. PVM is a proud founding member of the Hub and associated St. Petersburg Innovation District.


The Anniversary Celebration

The celebration included both networking and a Tech X-change, where Alison Barlow gave a presentation about the Hub and its future plans for expansion. The Hub's second building, known as "Hub 2," is part of the Innovation District's master plan, which includes the Bayfront, Johns Hopkins, USF, and the Port of St. Pete. The plan is designed to foster collaboration between researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders in a variety of fields, including STEAM and smart city initiatives.

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The St. Petersburg Maritime and Defense Technology Hub's History

The Hub was founded in 2022 to bring organizations together that align with the Grow Smarter Strategy, with a focus on marine science, life science, data & tech, entrepreneurship, art, and education. As of the first anniversary, more than 20 companies and organizations are already working out of The Hub, including Pole Star, SofWolf, Gates Defense, Woolpert, and the Florida Flood Hub of USF St. Petersburg. One of the Hub's most significant achievements is the community it has created. Multiple Hub tenants, including PVM, have already partnered together on important, mission-driven projects over the past year. And we’ve had a little fun too -- tenants have cheered on the Rays together, held beverages on the wharf and roof, and even organized a fishing fundraiser.


PVM's Involvement in the St. Pete Maritime and Defense Technology Hub

PVM has proudly held the esteemed title of tenant at the Hub since its very inception, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to innovation and leadership in the field of big data. Having established itself as an enthusiastic community participant, presenting at previous Tech X-changes, fundraisers, and tours, PVM has become a shining example of the collaborative spirit that the St. Petersburg Innovation District embodies. In addition to these activities, PVM has also fostered partnerships with fellow tenants Pole Star and community pillars such as the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg. These partnerships have allowed PVM to further expand its roots in the community of St. Peterburg, the fond hometown of CEO and Founder Pat Mack, and stay connected to the Marine Defense industry.

We are thrilled to share that, as a member of the Hub, PVM has had the opportunity to expand in several key areas that have greatly enhanced our ability to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients. These areas include:

  • Continuing to focus on innovation through partnering with other Hub tenants
  • Maintaining a certifiable SCIF
  • Interacting with local organizations, participating in community events, and giving back to the St. Pete community
  • Providing internships and employment opportunities for St. Petersburg talent

The Hub: Looking Ahead

At PVM, we’re proud to say that our company met and exceeded the rigorous selection criteria to become a tenant at the Hub. This remarkable institution is demonstrating how science and technology are growing businesses in St. Petersburg, and has helped the city become innovation-focused place where businesses and research institutions can collaborate on marine science and defense technology development to better protect our city, nation, and planet. Overall, the first year of the St. Petersburg Maritime and Defense Technology Hub has been a success, with tenants like PVM demonstrating how collaboration can lead to creativity and growth in the field of big data. With plans for expansion already underway, the Hub is set to become an even more valuable resource for businesses and organizations in the years to come. As we reflect on the first year of the Hub’s success, we are deeply honored to be part of its continued growth and expansion plans.